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The chaotic series of fractal articles
. . . Not at all being a mathematician, I'm working with a series of articles regarding the "Mandel & Julia" fractals (in reverse order) for the dynamical process of:
z -> z^2 + c.
The standard method, also called "the Level Set Method" (LSM), will first be described. Then a big amount will be attached to "Binary Decomposition of Level Sets" and its meaning regarding the forms of Mandel & Julia.
Following these articles presuppose a very elementary knowledge of complex numbers and the concept of iteration. This can be achieved from among others:
The images having an alternating color gradient are produced with MandelZot (MacOS) written by Dave Platt. It can be downloaded from: http://radagast.org/~dplatt/mac/
The rest are produced with Ultra Fractal (UF). To these parameter-files will be attached.

The images with the word "Distant" in their filenames are out-zoomed, the magnification set to 0.14. The others, showing the whole of a Julia set or the Mandelbrot set have their magnification set to 1, expect for c = -2, which has its magnification set to 0.9.


Ingvar Kullberg, December 2001
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