FAME - Fractal Art Museum Enterprise - presenting:
Fractal Calendar 2001
FAME EXPO Oct-Nov 2000 - Room 1

Alexander Mishashvilli / 001a
Arend Nijdam / 002w
Alex: Frosty Garden /Jan.
Arend: Ice Flowers /Feb.

Marion Lyons / 003s
Dr. Fernanda Steele / 004a
Marion: Dandelion Down /June
Fernanda: Foggy Morning /Nov.

Dave Makin / 005sp
Rachael McKenna / 006w
Dave: Spring in April / Apr.
Rachael: Valentines Day / Feb.

Nadia Petrovich / 007s
Ditter Stein / 008w
Nadia: Green Leaf / Aug.
Ditter: Snow Flakes / Jan.

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