FAME - Fractal Art Museum Enterprise - presenting:
FAME EXPO Aug-Sep 2001 - Room 1

Arend Nijdam
Bizarre View by Arend
Morningscape by Gail
Frax4D and PSP

Arend Nijdam
Nature's Fashion by Arend
Root - IFS and a little pp in Adobe

Terry Gould
Janet Plimley
Solar Tornado by Hawk
Sterlingware 1.7 and PS
Lake Land by Janet
Tiera-Zon 2.7

Terry Gould
Shawn Love
Coral Reef by Hawk
Sterlingware 1.7 and PS

Fractal Dram by dwarvenkind
"For I have dreams, you see..."
FE, Bryce 3D and PhotoImpact

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