FAME - Fractal Art Museum Enterprise - presenting:
The Hot Pages
. . . Members New Works Dear FAME Members,

The Hot Pages are here for your exclusive use. Whenever you want to share a new work/s of yours, new palette, new ideas, even "mere" thoughts, here is the place!
All you have to do is email to FAME your works, either as email attachments, (please, only one image per email), or as URL addresses. Please add a title to the image/s. You may add explanations, technical data, parameter file, etc., but it is all up to you.
This may not be a permanent display, but you sure will get your exposure and attention of FAME's visitors. Anyway, I may pick images from the hot pages to integrate with your expo or any of FAME's events.
OK, friends, it is your corner, and it is open...

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