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. . . Spot Light Corner: Beth's Super Realistic Fractals

When I first saw Beth's "Fractal Home" I was so surprised, that I had to take a close look to realize, that it actually was a fractal, and how it could be done. On first look I had the distinct impression, that it was a 3d digital painting, as created by "3d studio" or any other 3d graphical program. I said "3d studio" as this picture is most close to the building of a painting by overlay multiple stand alone elements on same panel. Years ago I used to play with this graphical constructions techniques, and as I said I was more then amazed to see them again in the fractal version.

Of course it is not possible with a pure fractal generator; you will need to have at hand some graphical tools, mainly the multi-layers option, and then some other filters like sizing, positioning, masking etc. Even then it will take a lot of skill and patience to achieve these clean results. When I asked Beth how come, this is what she told me:

"After seeing some realism displayed by other fractal artists, I set out to accomplish a similar task. I spent many months learning different aspects of UF in order to achieve this image, so it has been a work in progress for quite some time. As I learned, I added to the image until it became what you see today. Of course, the program is always evolving as is what I learn, so I wonder if it will ever be completed?"

Comparing this unique work of Beth with the classic Mandelbrot zoom-in, one could not avoid wondering how far fractal art has changed since its innocent Mandel form. But this is a question to be dealt with not in a corner page but in a complete book by itself, so lets just leave it open. Now all that is left for me to say is: enjoy this fractal picture, and be aware, that it is a turning point in fractal concept and performance.

The curator
April 2000

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