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Fractal Therapeutic Project

. . . Program Specifications:
Software Name FTP - (International) Fractal Therapeutic Project
Authors: Software: iFTP series by Stephen C. Ferguson
FTP 0.4 generetor modified by Dr. J. Trotsky
Graphical User Interface (GUI): Dr. Joseph Trotsky
First Version: V-0.1 January 2001
Last Version: V-0.4 February 2001
E-mail: E-mail FTP Project Director
File Size: 988 KB (zip file: 486 KB)
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Fractal Software

Fractal Generator Features:

  • FTP program is a fractal generator compatible with Win 9x, 2000 and NT
  • FTP program is especially designed for a medical therapeutical project for the use of patients, that have no knowledge whatsoever about computer or fractals. So a special Graphical User Interface was design by Dr. Joseph Trotsky, to simplify the use of the program, and a special software was written by Stephen Ferguson, to make it easy and quick rendering. This is why the formulas and renders are limited to less then the usual numbers.
  • FTP generates 12 fractal formulas and 6 filtering effects.
  • FTP has 27 coloring methods
  • FTP has 4 transformation functions
  • FTP will generate automatic random fractal with a click of a button.
  • FTP has a "magnifying glass" for a preview of the next image

Fractal Software Additional Info:
Some tips (as the help file is not ready):
  • A left mouse click anywhere on the image area will activate the zoom-in function
  • A right mouse click anywhere on the image area will clear the zoom rectangle
  • A click on the "AUTO" button down-right will automatically generate a new random fractal.

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